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In addition to our 'open' Dubia-based workshops we regularly run tailor-made programmes in many subject areas, to suit your needs and held at a time convenient for you. We can adapt our annual international workshops and hold these in the dubia, in your country or region or as virtual or blended programmes, to meet the specific needs of groups at all levels within your organisation. We can design and deliver tailor-made programmes in a wide range of topics in addition to those covered by our regular scheduled workshops.

Our existing and extensive schedule of professional development workshops supports the development of our tailor-made programmes and ensures consistency of quality across our services. Tailor-made programmes can provide a cost-effective way to meet your development needs and facilitate implementation of lessons learnt for your team.

Our approach to designing a programme for you is to work in partnership with you to identify and agree your training needs. The learning solutions will be designed and delivered based on your organisational objectives and intended outcomes. During the design process we will continue to liaise with you, review and present the developed programme for your approval.

Previous Tailored Workshops

We have a comprehensive list of previous tailored workshops related to Leadership and Organizational Development and Organizational Change Policy and Strategy, Good Governance, Human Resource management, public finance, managing and monitoring international projects, information and strategy, Project Management and Monitoring, and Transformation Systems Packages.

These are all important aspects of effective Leadership and Organizational Development. If you have any specific questions or need more information on any of these topics, feel free to register now!

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