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A diverse staff from five continents and over fourteen countries, the SSG team has the multidisciplinary, multilingual, and multicultural background necessary to meet the various demands of sectoral projects across the globe.

In addition to our international presence, our vast network of regional partner firms provides support to our accomplished consultants and teams on our assignments worldwide.

Experienced international development professional specializing in projects in fields like; institutional reforms and organizational development, public policy development,

Mohamed Ali Jama

founder and CEO of SSG Ltd
Mr Bell is a full time senior international consultant working on aid projects in developing countries, specializing in providing and leading technical assistance and capacity building in HRM and management specializations as well as undertaking organizational development, capacity building, and institution development roles.

Malcolm Bell

Management Consultant on Aid Projects
Jane is a seasoned communications specialist with 13 years of extensive experience in developing and implementing marketing projects, Program Management communications strategies, and campaigns across various sectors. Her expertise spans governance

Jane Nungari Gichuho

communications specialist
Ismail is a Trade, Business and Markets Development Consultant with over 14 years of experience in undertaking market and value chain analysis for private sector clients and donors funded projects.

Ismail Du ale

Trade, Business and Markets Development
Ahmed Mohamed is a Senior Business Consultant specializing in restructuring and streamlining business operations

DR Ahmed Mohamed

Business Consultant and Management Trainer
is a Public Sector Reform and Management Specialist with over 15 years of field experience in specialized human resources areas such as training of trainers,

Moses Katende

Public Sector Reform and Management Specialist
Zakarie is a Somali scholar with notable academic articles and research studies. Zakarie has expertise in multidisciplinary areas, including Project Management, Development Studies, Sociology, and Research

DR Zakarie Bade

Project Management, Development Studies, Sociology, and Research.
is a seasoned consultant with a specialisation in finance, strategy, and transformation across diverse sectors. Drawing from a distinguished career in roles in Investment Banking M&A advisory and Private Equity at globally


Investment Banking M&A advisory and Private Equit

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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