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Financial Management

Program Title:                               SME of Somaliland

Activity title:                                      Financial software implementation

Location:                                            Somaliland

Organization:                                        SSG/BDO

January 2019


The Somaliland Small and Medium Enterprise businesses is part of the World Bank’s Somali Core Economic Institutions and Opportunities (SCORE) Program, with the objective of improving the enabling environment of the private and financial sector. The program aims to catalyze private investment and job creation across the Somaliland, Puntland and South Central. Component 2 of the SCORE focuses on expanding economic opportunities through two support mechanisms: one linked to skills formation and private sector capacity building (SMEF); and another one linked to direct financial incentives aimed at crowding in private investment in innovative and labor-intensive activities (the Somali Business Catalytic Fund – SBCF). 


The overarching objective of the SME Facility is to assist Somali entrepreneurs who are ready and compassion to learn how to plan, implement, manage, and develop successful businesses. The Facility will also bring skilled individuals that are or can be employed by the SMEs.

This assignment will upgrade the finance function of 20 SME’s & support them with:

  • Training SMEs in understanding and usage of financial software (that can range from basic excel to a customized software (Quick book and POS) depending on the level or need of the respective SME) to manage their financial operations and effectively manage inventories; 
  • Provide one-on-one support.

As part of the implementation, SSG is seeking 20 businesses which are compassion and willing to take advantage of capacity building and software training.  We would like to receive two employees from each business and after getting capacity building, those employees will give these lessons back to their businesses and will enhance the business operations. SSG will undertake and conduct the following:              

  • Provide  group training to around 3 or 4 groups of 5 SMEs on the financial software (in this way the individual participants get more attention).
  • Train at least two employees per company on usage of an accounting as well as inventory management software and implement the software (SMEs are expected to get the software freely and use them in day-to-day operations).
  •  Total of group trainings;
  • Provide one-on-one service per company to implement the software;
  • Deliver the group trainings and one-on-one services to companies based in Wajale, Gabiley and Borama triangle.

Selection criteria for the SME:

  • The business should be small or medium enterprise.
  • The businesses should be willing to register for the training.
  • The business should have at least five employees and it should operate at this moment properly.
  • The SME should be willing to comply the training instructions and should have the attributes mentioned above.
  • The business should be willing to implement and use the accounting software
  • The businesses will receive the financial software for free
  • The SME should operate and be located in Wajale, Gabiley or Borama.
  • The employees of SMEs should have basic knowledge and be able to read Somali Language.
  • Finally, the SMEs should be ready and enthusiastic to learn basic knowledge of Financial Accounting and apply at daily routine activities

How to Apply

 SMEs willing to register and participate the training will send an application letter indicating the name of the company, location and contact information with the CV of the training participant via email: ahmed88@ssg-ltd.com or m.ali@ssg-ltd.com by writing “Financial software implementation” at the subject line.

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