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Experienced international development professional specializing in projects in fields like; institutional reforms and organizational development, public policy development, public sector reforms, human resource management, governance, economic facilitating clients’ growth, creating consistent profitable results and creating and promoting innovations. management, project management and monitoring & evaluation. He is the founder and CEO of SSG Ltd., which is a Somaliland registered company established in 2014, for the purposes of business solutions offering, among other tasks, advisory and training services to government organizations in designing, Through SSG Ltd,

In the World Bank-funded “pay and Grade Policy Reform” project (2021) for the Somaliland government, Mohamed is the international consortium deputy team leader. As well as the World Bank-funded project on Human Resources and Auditing (2017)

He is also the founder of two other successful hi-tech companies that are performing very well in entrepreneurship, trade and other e-commerce products and services, across the United Arab Emirates & entire East Africa region, with special pitch in the horn of Africa.

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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