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Human Resource Management

Human Resources Management

  • Job Analysis & Job Evaluation
  • Competence modeling and mapping
  • Executive Recruitment and talent acquisition
  • HR Policies and processes design
  • HR service delivery model design
  • HR Technology deployment
  • HR Risk Assessment
  • Public administration reform, organizational development of public institutions
  • Civil service reform
  • Decentralization

Organizational Effectiveness Assessment

  • Organization Structure diagnostic
  • Organization visioning
  • Organization Positioning

Organization Design for Performance

  • Re-organisation & Re-structuring
  • Design of the operating model
  • Design of organization micro-structure
  • Development of organograms
  • Performance Management Systems/ Development of performance scorecards
  • Transformational Change Management

HR Outsourcing

  • Day to Day HR support and activities
  • Policy formulation
  • HR information Systems
  • Need based HR processes consulting

Strategy Consultancy

A well designed strategy provides clarity in an ever-changing world, but without the right tools and internal alignment, strategy is merely words on paper. A powerful strategic plan balances vision with successful execution and it’s rarely a clear path to the finish line. Defined processes and measurements need to be in place to facilitate successful implementation.

SSG strategic services will provide you with the knowledge and decision- making support your business needs to exceed expectations. This includes:-

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Strategic planning development
  • Growth strategy development
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Market entry strategy development
  • Strategic market intelligence
  • Strategic plan assessment and strategic due diligence
  • Business model innovation
  • Supply chain strategy development

Financial Management Consultancy

Finance transformation helps clients to define the role of finance in driving the strategic business imperatives. We help the CFO to clearly articulate the financial function, manage costs and develop a futuristic state operating model congruent with the overall business strategy. Included services are:-

  • Working capital optimization
  • Accounting department optimization
  • Cost reduction
  • Fund Management , Grant compliance and analysis
  • Performance Measures and Balanced Score card
  • Budget development
  • Establishing & reviewing Performance measures
  • Book keeping, financial management systems and implementation, cash flow analysis and Reporting

Taxation strategy

SSG works with local and multinational corporations to help them align their taxation strategy with their business strategy. We help clients keep up to date with compliance requirements and undertake regular tax compliance audits to detect where things can go wrong and more importantly how to avoid them. Our tax professionals team with other counterparts across the region and around the world to help clients recognize tax consequences of business moves, support and advocate their tax position in the following service lines:-

· Direct taxes – Corporation tax, withholding tax and employees’ taxes (including expatriate taxes)

· Indirect taxes – Value Added Tax, Customs and Excise Duties and International tax solution

· Transfer pricing- The Transfer Pricing process enables you to make a complete transfer pricing risk assessment. It will assess your current and/or future transfer pricing system against ‘best practices’ of designing, documenting and defending a transfer pricing system in multiple countries

Other tax services include:

  • Tax Services
  • CorporateTaxComputation
  • ValueAddedTax(VAT)Audits
  • CustomsandExcise Duty
  • TaxRefunds
  • TaxComplianceAudits
  • Personal Tax
  • Business Tax Health Check
  • Exemption Certificate Application
  • Country Tax Advisory
  • Cross-Border Tax Advisory
  • Transaction Tax

Compliance Services

  • Transfer Pricing
  • Compliance & Reporting
  • Employee Mobility Tax Compliance