About us

SSG Consultants Limited, a distinguished business consulting and advisory firm registered in Somaliland, operates as a key regional player within the Horn of Africa, particularly in Somaliland, Somalia, and Ethiopia. The company excels in bridging the gap between management approaches and practical implementation, with an overarching vision to establish an integrated services structure and business solutions across the entire Horn of Africa region.

At the core of SSG’s operations is a commitment to service delivery, incorporating top-tier management expertise, cutting-edge technology, and efficient logistical follow-up to meet clients’ needs. To ensure high service quality and attract new clients, strategic partnerships have been cultivated with reputable companies in the service and supply-chain industries, spanning the United Kingdom, various Eastern African countries, and the United Arab Emirates.

Building a strong reputation as a leader in technology, business advisory, organization capacity assessment/building, resource mobilization, project finance management, organizational programming, and supply chain, SSG Consultants has significantly contributed to enhancing the impact of development policies, programs, and projects in the region.

The company’s continuous pursuit of improvement is evident in the development of models and tools that precisely identify client-specific requirements, serving as a leading competitive edge. SSG remains dedicated to upgrading and fine-tuning these methodologies, aligning them with the dynamic nature of local, regional, and international business environments.

Through persistent efforts, SSG Consultants aims not only to retain existing customers but also to attract new ones by providing unparalleled services in the ever-evolving landscape of the Horn of Africa.

Our Mission

We elevate development impact in the Horn of Africa through exceptional consulting services in Business, Procurement, Technology, Governance, Social and Economic Development, and Trade. Leading with innovation and a client-centric approach, we build enduring partnerships for sustainable growth and positive change.

Our Vision

To become a regional leader in the service industry, SSG aspires to be a highly ethical and quality service provider. Our commitment is to define excellence while fostering effective customer loyalty. We aim to offer comprehensive solutions to both public and private sectors across Africa.

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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